02:10PM | 09/05/13
kitchen sink is clogged, not in trap, drain cleaners don't work, took trap off to use auger, how?


05:37PM | 09/06/13
You don't need to take trap apart. Just feed your 1/4" snake right through the kitchen strainer. The only time you can't do this is if you have a single bowl sink with a garbage disposal.


06:03PM | 09/07/13
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Terrible advice

The trap should be removed and then the auger (snake) be send down the drain.

The problem with snaking through a strainer is suppose you get a glob of hair or a piece of cloth down stream how are you going to pull it though a 1/4" opening?

They be out there giving really bad advice



08:10AM | 09/08/13
Just about all the time a kitchen sink clog is grease. Having the strainer on allows you to rinse with water (cold) as you are auguring. If something is pulled back that won't come through the strainer(very unlikely) then you can always remove the trap at that point.


09:39PM | 09/13/13
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Wow they be out there and they vote And get on the internet and give inept advice and have no working knowledge in the field

Even an idiot would know a snake should not be used is one suspects grease in a line

It takes a real genius (NOT) to realize a snake is like a rod and anyone who ever had a can of grease knows placing a rod in the grease one the rod is pulled out the hole will close up

Much like the idiots who use a cable (snake) to clear a line blocked with soil or sand.

Take a pail of sand and place a screw drive or rod in it then take the screw driver or rod out and notice how the sand fills the void... Now place a garden hose in the same bucket and notice how the sand dissipates.. This is the theory of water jetting Vs rodding

Before taking any advice ask yourself what actual qualifications does the advice giver have?



08:35AM | 09/29/13
Sure the hole will close up but with the sink full(because you have the trap on and a little water in the sink you can tell when you hit the clog),back and in a few times and it should clear it. This is drain cleaning 101 dude.


01:01PM | 09/29/13
Jetting is good to clean the line after it has been opened(with a snake. If you try to jet a blocked line as opposed to a slow line then you run the risk of a blast of water coming right back at you or out another fixture. Jetter is for cleaning large drain lines not for a small kitchen sink drain. LOL


07:15PM | 10/01/13
Believe it or not a Jetter can be throttled down to 1 GPM and pressures as low as 1,200 PSI and a decent Wet Dry will suck up more then enough water the jetter is putting out

Tieger plumbing wrote several articles in drain cleaning publications and if you had read his profile possibly you would see what he is stating is fact. Like most of the advice givers on here I am not a plumber but have seen my share of drain guys jetting out small lines and lines over 30" in diameter


06:41AM | 10/02/13
I still say you are better off opening the line with a snake then scouring it with a jetter. What's the first thing you try when your sink is plugged? A plunger. Then if a plunger doesn't work then you run a snake down the drain through the strainer first then if you have to a larger snake through the removed trap. 99% of the time that will open it in fact I've never known it to fail. No need to bring in a jetter that costs several thousands of dollars then camera the line unless it's a recurring problem.
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