10:19AM | 04/27/04
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Hello - I'm building a deck in the Boston, MA area. The substructure was built using pressure treated wood. The next step is to do the railing and decking material. I'm not going to live in the house for more than 5 years so I want decent quality but not the best (i.e. Mahogany).

What type of wood can I use for the railing if I want to paint it white to match the house? Does Pressure treated wood take the paint?

Also - what is the next best alternative for a decking surface beyond pressure treated wood?

plumber Tom

05:23PM | 04/27/04
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From the pics I saw at this link, none were painted. Mahogany, cedar and redwood look awesome UNpainted. The pressure treated is just chemically altered pine to resist rot. Do yourself a favor and search the "Article Library" before you decide. One poster made a good point about small children around rails of pressure treated wood, so the mahogany might be your answer.


10:40AM | 04/28/04
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Treated lumber is just fine for deck rails and is even just fine for it to be painted.

Better to stain any treated lumber, but deck rails can be painted with success because the rails do not get exposed to as much UV light, sun and snow and does the deck itself.


05:43PM | 04/28/04
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If you are going to use the new pressure treated lumber(ACQ) which is pretty much all there is now with the old arsenic based gone due to safety issues, you can't paint it for a year due to the amount of copper used in the treatment process. Also they are reccomending that stainless steel hangers and fastners be used due to corosive action between galvianzed metal and the copper in the wood.

Hope this helps.


11:08PM | 04/29/04
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You can paint it only after it has been up for a year,or if the lumber yard has aged treated 1 year(the ones by us do)then you can right away.

If you do it right away the oils and such in the treated wood will peel and bubble the paint away,they are trying to escape naturaly and the paint will hold it in so the only place it will go is out the paint thus bubbling paint will happen.

I don't care what everyone else says,or anyone you contact ive been doing this long enough to know the rework we have done from home owners who have painted it right away,it's a horrible mess.


03:49AM | 05/01/04
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The new treated lumber will also turn your paint a very pretty shade of green and that is with a primer and two coats of finish paint.

I have never understood why people use pressure treated wood and then want to paint it, as it usually is then worst looking most common wood out there.

If it is going to be used you will need to apply Seasonte from Flood on it first and then wait a year before you paint it. This product is great and will allow it to season out and helps keep it from twisting and warping.


05:12AM | 05/03/04
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So - if pressure treated lumber isn't ideal to use for railings if I'm going to paint them (i'm going to paint the rails white and the stain the decking surface) - What wood should I use?


04:04PM | 05/03/04
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You can use either fir or pine and prime with a exterior acrylic primer and finish with two coats of exterior acrylic semi-gloss.

On the deck you will need to apply Seasonite and wait a year before you apply a stain if it is the new treated lumber being used.


05:08PM | 05/03/04
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ACQ manufacturers suggest that ACQ lumber should be treated no differently than CCA lumber when it comes to painting or staining.

Painting or staining can be done immediately (and painting or staining is desirable to do immediately is some conditions) and the techniques used are no different that that of CCA lumber.

Here is but one link:
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