10:05AM | 07/23/04
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Well, I stand corrected (unfortunately).

Had a normal-sized load of towels in the Calypso today (setting: "Whitest Whites") and exactly what "bummed" described.

I started the washer, listened to when the water stopped flowing, and stopped the machine--only to find them mostly dry.

I restarted the machine on the same setting, and this time they got good and soaked (possibly because they'd been halfway soaked from the previous try).

Any ideas?


-k2 in CO

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10:23AM | 07/24/04
** listened to when the water stopped flowing, and stopped the machine--only to find them mostly dry. **

Check to make sure water flowing into and through the washer is at the proper strength. I have heard on some Whirlpool built washers (not necessarily the Calypso) that if insufficient pressure is present, water may not be injected properly.

That's just a guess though but shouldn't hurt to check for plugged filter screens, etc. in the water hoses and any obstructions in the internal water system.

Dan O.

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09:43AM | 08/03/04
Okay, "k2" just asked the best question. So here's my reply.

I'm not a mechanical engineer. I'm an electrical engineer, with a lot of microprocessorprogramming experience. Besides the idea of shoving this Calypso off my 3rd-floor condo,which would no doubt upset my neighbors, I'd suggest the following (is anyone at Whirlpool listening?)

1) Re-design the waterfall. A 3/4" tube spurting a single stream doesn't soak anything. As an example, take your outside waterhose (without a nozzle) and aim it at the middle of a plant in your yard - it gets the middle wet, and eventually some of the plant below that. But put a spray nozzle on it, aim the same direction, and the whole plant gets wet. Likewise, the Calypso needs a nozzle/fan device to splash water somewhere besides the middle of the washer.

2) Re-program the microcontroller. There's several issues that it fails to adequately cover.

2a) "Soaking towels" it seems to me that part of the problem of not getting towels adequately moistened is the silly "spin and splash" at the beginning of the wash cycle. It's fine if one has only light items in there, but heavy towels or a blanket may not be adequately soaked. And if they're not soaked, then they can't possibly be cleaned. A few turns with alternating with the "calypso action" might do the trick, although the MAJOR problem here is the aforementioned stream. (By the way, running a wash cycle TWICE seems to defeat the purpose of having a washer that's supposed to take half the energy & water, don't you think? It's like having a low-flow toilet you have to flush twice.)

2b) When the wash portion of the complete cycle ends, do not fill the tub with more water immediately before draining. That fresh water serves NO purpose, since it never reaches the clothes.

2c) A hot water wash with a warm water rinse should give a warm water rinse. It should NEVER give a tap-cold rinse, especially when the incoming water is colder than that dispensed from the refrigerator. The Calypso has an electronic temperature sensor in the bottom of the tub. That sensor is used to adjust the valving of hot water during either a warm or cold (but not "tap cold") wash, but is [apparently] completely ignored during the rinse cycle. (I've been able to "prove" this by turning off my cold-water valve during the rinse-fill, and NO water enters the tub - even on very cold days.)

2d) On a similar note, why no Hot/Warm choice? If one can afford the $1000+ for the washer, one should certainly be able to afford a slightly higher energy bill for a warm rinse.

2e) When the washer lid is opened, the action should stop immediately. The calypso action continues for a few seconds after the lid is opened, making it a dangerous situation.

3) Manufacturers have been able to make washers for years that self-balance. A balance ring is usually located at thet top of the wash basket. Whirlpool itself has patents on this technology - why didn't they incorporate it on the top-end machine, or why did ***** (the brand name on my Calypso) NOT demand it?

4) Lint filter. Whirlpool's comment, "we do offer an accessory that may be of assistance. It is called a Drain Protector..." does nothing for lint on the clothes. I've never had a big problem with lint down the drain, but I HAVE on my clothes. Perhaps they need to consider an optional lint filter that attaches over the stream that is supposed to soak the clothes. Closely spaced (say 1/4 inch spacing) "comb" of plastic would both break up the flow (soaking the clothes better) AND catch the lint before it hit the drain.

5) A slightly less agressive brake on the tub. The washbasket stops VERY quickly when the spin cycle is completed. Fine if there's not much in the tub. But with a full load, the machine can torque itself right out of its normal location. What's wrong with letting it just spin down from full speed (assuming the lid is still closed)?

No, I'm still not happy with my ***** Calypso.


01:08PM | 08/03/04
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