10:54AM | 08/05/02
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My wife & I just built a new modular home last october. The problem we are having is with the basement. The basement walls are Superior Walls. The basement floor has over 25 cracks in it and the superior walls have 18 cracks as of now. My builder claims this is all normal but I disagree and other contractors and cement experts disagree also. I found out the floor was poured on #1 limestone gravel, wasn't compressed and has no vapor barrier under it. I am starting to get black mold on my stairs leading to upstairs and on my floor joists. The builder will not admit to any wrong doing. The subcontractor that pour the floor is a friend of mine and told me about the shortcuts that were taken with the basements. We have an appointment next week with an attorney to see what needs to be done. I do have someone coming tomorrow to look at the problems and give me an estimate of what needs to be done. I would also like to hear from anyone else that may have some comments on this issue. I am located in Pennsylvania.


01:33PM | 08/05/02
The proper procedure to pour a basement floor is this:

1. A base of 4” of #57 or #67 washed stone should be placed over a compacted sub-grade.
2. A 6-mil polyethylene vapor barrier should be placed over the stone and all holes and seams should be taped or sealed.
3. Welded wire fabric (reinforcement wire) should be placed with a 6” minimum overlap at all seams.
4. The concrete should be 4” thick and poured at a 4” maximum slump, pulling the reinforcement wire up into the concrete as it is placed.
5. After the concrete is finished it should be protected with a moisture retaining cover, or chemical curing compound to maintain as much moisture as possible for a minimum of 14 days.

Not following the procedure above will result in excessive cracking. The superior walls should not have a cracking problem either. I would also suggest you contact Superior Walls and tell them about your problem. If the builder did not follow all the manufacturers recommended procedures during the installation he should be liable for these repairs. If he did follow all the proper procedures Superior Walls should make the repairs under their warrantee.



02:12AM | 08/06/02
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Thanks for the reply Glenn. After the basement was dug out. they dumped #1 limestone in and when superior walls got there, they packed down the gravel where the walls sit. The rest of the gravel was not packed at all. There was no vapor barrier or wire mesh laid down. The cement was poured on top of the loose gravel. The cement subcontractor did say the floor is 6" thick. There was no cover or chemical curing compound put on either. I did have the rep from Superior Walls come down and he claims the cracks are all normal. Too many shortcuts were taken on this basement. I have someone coming today to look at the problem and give me full details of what to do to fix it and how much it will cost. Then I have an appointment with my attorney. I have been told by others that this floor will need to come out and re-poured.


01:36PM | 08/06/02
The thickness of the concrete is of no help at all if there is no reinforcement wire or steel in the concrete. The only substitute for steel reinforcement is to have fibers added to the concrete at the plant. You are correct, the only way at this point to repair it is to replace it.



07:21AM | 06/27/04
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I have a new home with Superior Walls. I am curious as the outcome of your complaints.


11:29AM | 08/10/04
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We are getting ready to contract for Superior Walls with a company in Ephrata PA.

I am very interested in knowing who installed your precast walls. Were the problems resolved to your satisfaction?



06:16AM | 02/25/05
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Hi's probably too late for you but before you use Superior Walls, as the local franchisee WHO the 15 year warranty is with. We made the mistake of using Superior Walls on a 2800 sq ft ranch house in Jan of 2004 and so far we regret it. No one can figure out how the water is getting into segments of the foundation. The Local Franchisee here in Yorkville IL area has since gone out of business leaving us and our builder "holding the bag."

There's no mention of warranty details on

We called the main office in PA and we were informed they have NO responsibility for the up to the franchisee. After initial contact a Mr. Hawthorne was unresponsive to several phone calls.

I've also contacted Bob Villa via this web site and got no reply. I'd like to think that if Bob were aware of the warranty details, he might not be so embracing of the Superior Walls foundation.

I'm not looking to sue anyone, I just want a dry basement and thus far this is not the case. I will update this thread if anything changes.


05:17AM | 03/08/05
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my husband and I moved into our modular house with superior walls 2 weeks ago. we have several horizontal cracks 2 feet below grade that are leaking and 30+ vertical cracks. we also have black mold growing on most of the 2x4 studs. they are in the process of ripping off all of the insulation, testing the mold and the concrete.


06:11AM | 03/08/05
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Please keep us posted on your progress. Are you getting cooperation from the company? We and our builder is left "holding the bag" since the local franchisee went out of business.

I think Bob Villa should get involved and stop recommending this product by virtue of their advertising.

Our basement floor has numerous fissure cracks that are widening.


04:54AM | 03/10/05
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We are waiting for engineers from Superior Wall of America and Superior Wall of Hudson County (who made the walls)to give their report. The franchisee has been very helpful so far in trying to coorindate everyting. I will update on the result.
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