05:28AM | 12/31/05
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This message is concerning sewer smell in our bathroom. After installing a vent in the line between our shower and the main drain line we still could smell sewer when using this shower. Well we then did the smoke test. We cut the main drain at the septic tank and pluged off all the vents. We blew smoke (designed for this purpose) into the main line (which is about 20 feet from the bathroom in question). We did this for about 30 minutes. Smoke you could see seeping out the vents of the top of the roof. But no smoke came out of any line in the bathroom in question. We even applyed more preasure until it blew bubbles in to the tolets. This told us we had to much air and we cut it down. At no time did we see any smoke comming from the shower line to the main line.

What else cane we do? You think we have spooks in our house causing this? We are at our wits end on this and need some closure. Please, Please, Help us!!

Send you salution to my e-mail address:

Thank You

Jim from Keota, Oklahoma


08:09AM | 12/31/05
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This are off the wall suggestions, and don't know what else you have tried.

Try using some plumber putty or similar and temporary plugging up the overflow on the vanity sink. Often kunk will build up in the overflow and running water in the drains might cause enough air to move through the overflow to smell.

Try getting buckets of COLD WATER from other parts of the house and slowing dumping it down the shower drain. If you don't get the smell them that help rule out drain/venting issues.

With some types of water a sulfer compound can be formed. It is strongest in the hot water, and in some cases (probably do to the path of plumbing pipes) it only shows up at a single location.

Another possiblity is that that there is some kind of mold/mildew that is in the walls and it is being activated each time that the shower is being used.

That would be from a leak in the tile or even a leaky faucet/show line.


10:46AM | 12/31/05
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Im not sure if you have read my past corrospondance concerning this problem but this is a new house. We have only have this problem only after living in this new house for 6 months. We have complied with making sure there is a vent in this line. (Plumber installed a nother vent less than 3 feet from this drain.). Just next to the shower is a garden tub. We use hot water in it and don't smell. The double sinks are on the same drain line and the don't stink. We also use hot water in them as well. ONce using this shower the smell is notice able. We are just desperate in finding the answers to this. Willing to try just about anything. Please is there anything else we can do?


05:23AM | 01/02/06
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I sorry but I didn't get no answer to my latest question on 12/31/05. Im desperate for answers so get rid of this sewer smell that has plaged our bathroom!

will be waiting for your reply....


08:18AM | 01/06/06
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Im wontering if you have thought of any other sulations to our problem in the smell of sewer in our shower. I have been waiting for a responce to my last corrospondance with you. Having not hereing from you I take it you don't have any answer for me. Reson Im asking is I know have a hole in my concrete expossing the vent pipe. Having not seen any trace of smoke there or any place in my bathroom I think that rules out any leaks in the drains! Right!

Please respond to:

doug seibert

09:50AM | 01/06/06
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In your narrative I didn't hear you operating the shower during the smoke test ?.......this is the exact moment I would expect the gas/now-smoke to enter the bathroom thru the shower drain..........

You mention the garden tub nearby and "How is that vented?"


05:13PM | 01/07/06
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In as much and we had to cut the main drain to the entire system to get the smoke into the drains we didn't run any water in the shower. However I put my nose right up to the shower drain while the plumber was blowing the smoke into the main line. Smoke was comming out the vents on the roof and a little from where we cut the main sewer line. No smoke came from the shower or any other place in the bathroom.

Now the garden tub is connected to the same line as the shower and sinks and tolet. and are vented all well within 3 to 4 feet on any drains. The garden tub is right next to the shower. Water line from the shower are split to cover both shower and gardne tub. And when in use there is No Sewer smell from the garden tub. Really is a mine buster. ? Any more Ideas.....
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