06:45AM | 07/20/04
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Hi Tom,

I was surfing around, while Greg and I play tag, and thought I'd check your site out and then I remember the cold reality my children have suffered this past week.

We had 2 Lab/Sheperd mixed dogs. Good size dogs, healthy, about 6 years old.

Last week one of them stopped eating and drinking, got lethargic, and expired, slowly and painfully I am sure. I have researched canine parvo but I still am not quite sure where it comes from or how exactly they contract it. It is NOT airborne like so many believe.

So anything you could add to what I already have would be great. I haven't been out there today, but if the second one makes it through today, I think he may survive it. I hope so for my children.

Thanks Tom



07:09AM | 07/20/04
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Wow, not the question I expected. I have three dogs and have been aware of Parvo virus for years. Our animals are all vaccinated. This is an extremely communicable disease for canines. It may not be air borne, but it passes between animals rapidly. Puppies are especially vulnerable. Adult dogs seem to survive more often than they used to, but vaccination seems the best course to take.

Avoid allowing other dogs into your yard or home for up to a 6-months unless they are known to be vaccinated. Warn visitors with dogs that you have had an infection. Especially, dispose of feces properly as these are extremely infectious in your exposed animals. Disinfection is bleach mixed 1:20 with water, but it is really infeasible to disinfect your yard and home (bleach kills plants and stains fabrics). A spray on the soles of shoes can avoid tracking the virus off-site after you have been working in the yard.

I assume you are working with your vet on this. He is the best source of The following link provides good information.

Best of luck to you and your pets. I hope this helps, but the support of your veternarian is the most important factor with an ongoing infection.


10:48AM | 07/21/04
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I got my dog @ 8 years ago. She was fine for @ 1 week and then came down with parvo. We took her to the vet and she was put on an IV for fluids. I think they gave her antibiotics or something. She spent @ 10 days there and then came home and she's fine now.

I didn't even have time to get shots done on her.

The only side effects that we can see and we're not sure it's from that, is that she has a weak stomach. If she is real winded and drinks a lot of water she will throw it up right away. Sometimes if we come home she will drink too much and throw up, eventhough the water was there the entire time. We really have to watch her and tell her that's enough for now.

Good luck nursing your dog back to health.



05:05AM | 07/22/04
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Just wanted to let you know Tom and Devildog, that my dog has made a steady and successful recovery. He is greeting us and is taking in fluids on his own now.

The children are happy, I only wish the other would have made it through too.

Thanks for your replies.




03:32PM | 07/22/04
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I posted prematurely today.

At 5pm our dog was doing fine. At 6pm he had expired.

Just wanted to let you know and thank you again for replying.


Formerly AJ-trucker's wife


06:31PM | 07/22/04
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Hello MiniFoxx,

Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog.

I, personally, still miss my ol' dog, and this has been from many years ago. Miss her every day, in fact. Miss her more than some people I've lost touch with.

Amazing how they can get into your hearts. All the best, and again, sorry to hear about this.


-k2 in CO

Moderator, Miscellaneous Forum


06:51PM | 07/22/04
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Its a sad day when such an unexpected loss occurs. I'm sorry you lost your two pets and wish you and your family the best in this diffucult time. Ours are like members of the family and this aways hits hard. Never tried to counsel 6 kids through the funeral. I'm sure you are up to it, but it can;t be easy.

Remember that it is not safe to bring in a new unvaccinated pet, especially a puppy, at this time.


07:06PM | 07/22/04
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K2 and Tom,

This one was especially hard, even after losing the other one last week. This one was making such progress and doing so well. It looked like he hemorrhaged. But now he is not suffering any longer.

The kids...well, they understand death, but they have their moments when they just break down, and that is understandable. I do my best and it's worked so far.

Animals do get in your heart, more than people sometimes, I agree. It is so sad. This has been a roller coaster of a month for us so far and today was the climax for the children I think. We were so sure he was out of it.

Anyways, no sense going on about it, is there. Thank you for your support and concern. It is so touching. Thank you very much.


Formerly AJ-trucker's wife
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