03:46PM | 09/16/07
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I turned on my Comfortmaker furnace for the first time this year, and the nothing. The pilot is not lit. The gas valve is turned on, and the blower works by itself. Could it be the thermostat, or is it more complicated than that?


03:43AM | 09/17/07
Member Since: 07/21/07
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It is a Comfortmaker PPJ II GNJ075N12D1. I inherited this furnace when I moved into this house. There is no owner's manual, and I could not find an archived one online. Does this info help?


07:28AM | 09/17/07
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Because I do not have the owner's manual, I do not know the location of the sensor, or for that matter, what it looks like. If you could show me a diagram, or if you like, I can take a digital picture, you could help me identify the sensor. Also, would I need to turn off the gas and power source while cleaning the sensor? Finally, I am unable to find the procedure for cleaning the sensor on the links you provided. Can you help?



03:29AM | 09/18/07
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My husband tried cleaning it, and broke it, so we replaced it with a new one. Still no pilot. Is there a reset button on these furnaces. If so, where is it?

Everything is being done blindly, because of our lack of a manual. Do you know of any way to download archived owner's manuals?


04:42AM | 09/20/07
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It doesn't sound like a pilot or sensor problem at all. If your blower is running on its own. And you don't have A/C or if you do have A/C and your sure thermostat is not set in the fan on position. The only time the blower would cycle like this would be when there was a limit problem. For example if you didn't replace or clean your filter for an extended period of time it would overheat your fan limit saftey switch causing the blower run.


08:14AM | 09/20/07
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It ended up being the gas valve. We had just changed the filter a few months ago, and it didn't look too bad then. We ended up having a repairman out. Yes, it cost too much, but we didn't want to mess with the gas aspect (dangerous), and the weather is staring to turn cold.

All is working fine now.



01:26PM | 10/22/16
I have a gama furnace, the pilot is electric and it won't turn on it clicks 3 times and nothing happens
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