12:15PM | 10/09/04
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Hi all. First I want to say thanks in advance. This board has been very helpful and I've only been here a short time. I am wiring up my garage and I was curious is there such a thing as too many outlets? I'm installing them about every 3 feet or so cuz I feel I'd rather have too many than not enough. As long as there not being used all at once this should be ok correct? Or is that going to cause a problem? I think it's on a 15 amp breaker. Thanks for any help you all can give



12:50PM | 10/09/04
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If I remember correctly, the NEC has no limits on the number of outlets per circuit.

Let us know how it works out.


06:26AM | 10/10/04
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There is a limit on the number of outlets. If I remember corectly I think the NEC calls for non dedicated outlets to use a figure of 180va (volts x amps) per outlet with the total not to exceed 80% of the circuit amps.

Example: 180va = 180va/120v=1.5a

15A circuit breaker x 80%= 12A

12A / 1.5 = 8 duplex outlets

Iam pretty sure I've got the 180va and the 80% correct but if any of the code grues see an error let us know.


09:39AM | 10/10/04
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The NEC does have a limit for the number of receptacle outlets but not for a dwelling occupancy.

NEC §220.14(I) & (J) detail this.

In a non-dwelling occupancy you must calculate the demand load as 180VA per receptacle.

In dwelling occupancy §220.14(J)states that no further calculations are necessary since it's already included in the general lighting loads calculation of §220.12.

Bear in mind that a residential detached garaged is not a dwelling occupancy but a residential attached garaged is a dwelling occupancy.



09:56AM | 10/10/04
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Code aside, is it going to cause any problem with lights dimming or throwing breakers or anything of that sort?



11:40AM | 10/10/04
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If you are using a 15A breaker, then it will trip if you draw more than 1800W on the circuit.

As you know, a receptacle only adds load if something is plugged in and turned on.

As far as the code goes, you can have as many receptacles as you wish on a dwelling general lighting circuit. If you have too many based on your demands then it's bad design, as you will have breakers tripping.

If your garage is detached, it technically isn't a dwelling occupancy, and you need to count each receptacle as 180VA of load.

It seems silly that what's OK for an attached garage is not OK for a detached garage but that's the way it is.



01:27PM | 10/10/04
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you all have been a great help. My garage is attached but I hope and gathering by what's been said that since I won't be using every receptacle at once I should be fine. Thanks so much for everyones help!

Thanks again!


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