12:21AM | 12/24/05
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I have a post and beam all-wood house that is painted brown and I'd like to give that "Lindal" look, if possible. Stripping and staining is not an opion. I've seen some colors that look like they might work, but it's too hard to tell without seeing them on a house. Looking for product suggestions.


02:11PM | 12/28/05
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So is your house done in oil or latex paint?


02:26PM | 12/28/05
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Good question. I know the previous owner left a couple of paint cans in the shed, but I'm not sure if any of them were the exterior paint. I'll check tomorrow.

Do you have a product that I can look at assuming it's one or the other?


03:43PM | 12/31/05
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It's oil-based.


02:44PM | 01/05/06
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If the product used on your house was an oil based stain then you apply an acrylic/latex solid stain directly over it as long as it is in good condition and not peeling. You should apply two coats if you are making a big color change and to get longer life out of the job.

If the house was done in an oil based gloss paint then you will need to prime with an exterior oil based primer before the acrylci/latex soild satin. Don't use a fast drying primer as they dry to brittle and may peel and flake.


05:48PM | 01/07/06
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Thanks for the info!


04:02PM | 05/28/13
My house is painted white I would like to make it more cabin looking. I would prefer it to be a cedar. Amy suggestions?


04:49PM | 05/28/13
I have a white painted house I would like it to look like cedar what should I paint it with


11:01AM | 11/13/15
My porches are stained with an oil based stain in a really dark brown stain. I wanted to make it look like cedar. What can i use to cover this.


10:32AM | 11/27/15
Good day and happy Thanksgiving

Just take a tiny chip or flake of paint to the Hardware store and they will tell you exactly what to do, what to use and what to buy--

They do the colour match as well

In this area we have "True Value" and "ACE"
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