Slide 1: Repurposed Planters


Hang repurposed planter baskets on the wall to get odds and ends off the floor. When your kids outgrow this storage system, you can always return the baskets to their flower-containing duty!

15 DIY Storage Ideas to Help Corral Your Kids' Clutter

Kids may be small, but they tend to take up a lot of space— at least their stuff certainly does! Between the toys, books, DVDs and craft supplies, you may wonder if you’ll ever achieve calm amongst the chaos. You may envision having to lay out more cash for great organization solutions. But never fear. There are plenty of DIY storage ideas you can put to use in playrooms, bedrooms, or finished basements— wherever the kids congregate. Baskets and bins are your best friends— whether they’re under the bed, in a bench, or mounted on the wall. Storage furniture is key. Repurpose a cabinet for dress up. Build a caddy for sports equipment. We’ve found some of the best DIY storage ideas for kids rooms on the web.

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