Slide 1: Retro Colors


Retro kitchens are distinguished by bright hues—turquoise, tomato red, avocado green. If your struggling to choose colors for your space, be guided by the time period you're seeking to recreate. After all, different decades favored different palettes. Pick one dominant paint color, then place coordinating accents as highlights throughout the room.

10 Design Essentials for the Perfect Retro Kitchen

Kitchens decorated with an eye to the past bring us back to simpler times, when cheerful colors and playful patterns dominated the domestic scene. Whether your interest in a retro kitchen stems from an affinity for all things vintage, or from, say, fond memories of a grandparent's home, the look can be easily put together today, thanks to myriad modern products that harken back to bygone eras. Here, browse ten elements that introduce the best design of yesterday to your kitchen today.


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