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Rustic and industrial components make excellent counterparts. Metal ceiling lamps with visible wiring match well with industrial elements like exposed brick for a look that is firmly modern and vintage at the same time.

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Lighting Goes Industrial: 14 Factory Looks That Work at Home

Industrial elements are currently a huge trend in interior design. Decorative details inspired by the factories and warehouses of the industrial age can be introduced into every aspect of a space, from wall and flooring treatments to furnishings. Lighting is a particularly accessible and effective way to bring a little industrial patina to your interiors. The range of choices in industrial lighting fixtures makes it possible to incorporate the look into any decor, from contemporary to traditional. Industrial lighting fixtures are exemplified by a certain rawness, rough-hewn and exposed. Visible wiring, vintage-look filament bulbs, and untreated metal finishes are all hallmarks of the industrial style. Believe it or not, you can incorporate industrial details just about anywhere — in ways large and small. Here is a modest selection of our favorite industrial lighting fixtures from around the Web.

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