Roof Flashing

Project: Kitchen Remodel, Episode 4, Part 1

After a progress report and some roof work with contractor Ed Weller, Bob joins landscape architect Juan Capote for a preview of what will be done to transform the yard into a tropical paradise. Also, Angelo Dattini walks Bob through the first steps of stucco application. Stucco will be added to walls of the new addition.
Part 1: Roof Flashing
Bob meets with contractor Ed Weller to looks at details of the roof flashing. Various elements are involved in flashing, including the drip strip, fascia, felt, and roofing nails.
Part 2: Landscaping Plan
Part 3: Applying Stucco
This project features the remodeling and expansion of the kitchen and family room of a 15-year-old suburban Miami tract house. Innovative and fun projects include walls built using insulated concrete forms, stucco application, and glass block walls.

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