HVAC System for the Home Addition

Project: Kitchen Remodel, Episode 6, Part 3

Bob and contractor Ed Weller take on the tricky process of tying together the old and new floor slabs. Work begins on the new family room partition that will take the unique shape of a banana leaf. To make sure the new space stays cool, an HVAC unit and roof insulation are installed.
Part 1: Pouring a Concrete Floor
Part 2: Framing a Partition Wall
Part 3: HVAC System for the Home Addition
Bob meets with Mark, a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning mechanic, who is installing an HVAC system to moderate the temperature in the addition. Bob and Mark discuss why a homeowner needs to add an air-conditioning unit where air conditioning already exists.
This project features the remodeling and expansion of the kitchen and family room of a 15-year-old suburban Miami tract house. Innovative and fun projects include walls built using insulated concrete forms, stucco application, and glass block walls.

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