Laminate Installation in the Kitchen

Project: Kitchen Remodel, Episode 8, Part 2

A state-of-the-art spa is installed on the lanai, complete with all the bells and whistles. Inside, on the new banana-leaf partition, a product called Ligna (by Formica) is applied for a unique woodgrain finish. Also, Roxana Patino demonstrates how she is constructing the a stained-glass feature window for the new addition, which is in the shape of a tropical fruit slice.
Part 1: Installing the Hot Tub
Part 2: Laminate Installation in the Kitchen
Bob joins contractor Ed Weller, who is working on the kitchen addition. Architect Laurinda Spear has designed a banana leaf partition that Ed's crew will be making out of a hardened laminate material called Ligna. Ligna is also being installed in the kitchen by Jeff Grosman.
Part 3: Stained-Glass Window Construction
This project features the remodeling and expansion of the kitchen and family room of a 15-year-old suburban Miami tract house. Innovative and fun projects include walls built using insulated concrete forms, stucco application, and glass block walls.

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