Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall Continued

Project: Modern Colonial, Episode 15, Part 3

Bob tours the finished landscape around the project house before visiting the historic gardens at Glen Magna farm in Danvers, MA.

Inside the modern Colonial, new Kenmore air conditioning condensers are ready to be installed, and carpenter John Kiley is hard at work building the staircase.
Part 1: Air Conditioning Condenser Install
Part 2: Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall
Part 3: Building Wooden Stairs in the Front Hall Continued
Interior carpenter John Kiley continues to build the staircase in the front hall of the modern Colonial. To attach the treads, Kiley uses a construction adhesive between the stringers and the bottom of the tread and carpenter's glue along the edge of the stringers. The treads are placed on top and nailed into the riser from above and then screwed with 1-1/4-inch screws from the back. The final step is to insert wedges underneath to insure the staircase remains sturdy.
This project focuses on the construction of a Colonial-style home built with both history and the future in mind. While the 4-bedroom, 4-bath home will have a traditional exterior and interior detailing, the plan will suit the needs of a modern family, including easy-maintenance fireplaces, a great room, master suite, sun room, 3-car garage, and a large walk-out basement with plenty of room for recreation and indoor/outdoor living.

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