Touring Covered Bridges in New England

Project: Vermont Farmhouse, Episode 9, Part 2

Exterior work continues with construction of a new stone wall, and Bob speaks with Hector Santos, a local mason, about the techniques involved. Inside the farmhouse, a new staircase is being built. And Bob continues his look at the heritage of Vermont, by exploring some of the covered bridges in the area-- some of the oldest surviving examples of Yankee craftsmanship.
Part 1: Retaining Wall Construction
Part 2: Touring Covered Bridges in New England
In their heyday, from around 1820 to the early 1900s, covered bridges could be found all over New England. The ones that survive today are lovingly preserved. As Bob explains, the basic construction developed out of practicality-- wood was plentiful, and a roof protected the timber. He goes on to visit examples, and provide details, of the most popular, and enduring, covered bridge engineering.
Part 3: Building the Foyer Staircase
Part 4: Splitting Granite for the Retaining Wall
The wooded New England setting, with quaint towns and covered bridges, provides the perfect backdrop for building a traditional Vermont-style farmhouse.

Bob works with the Quechee Lakes Development Company to build a residence that hearkens back to the past yet satisfies the needs of a family in the new millennium.

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