Securing Load-Bearing Columns

Project: Lifespan House, Episode 4, Part 3

General contractors Kevin and Betsy Kalman update Bob on the progress made so far. Masons are hard at work constructing the fireplace, a special Superior Clay Rumford Firebox. Outside, Bob and Jeff Davis (from Chadsworth Columns) oversee the installation of new columns along the porch. Back inside, the finishing touches are being put on the Rumford firebox.
Part 1: Building a Rumford Fireplace
Part 2: Reviewing the Home's Framing
Part 3: Securing Load-Bearing Columns
Installers tie steel straps down to the band joists in order to secure the load-bearing columns newly installed on the porch. These steel straps are threaded through the columns to prevent uplift during a hurricane. The columns themselves are hollow, but are made of marble dust and polymers that ensure they are strong and capable of bearing the load.
Part 4: Installing the Fireplace Throat and Flue
Bob Vila heads to the Low Country: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Steeped in tradition, this historic suburb of Charleston is the scene, not only of a remarkable new home, but of a remarkable transformation in suburban living at the developing community of I'On.

Also from Lifespan House

  • Episode 1 - New Project Begins


    Bob begins a brand-new project in the heart of South Carolina's low country. Located in Mt. Pleasant, the neighborhood of I'On values community living and puts an emphasis on nurturing a traditional small-town feeling.<br> <br> Our project, the Duany Plater-Zybek "Lifespan" home, is designed with state-of-the-art features, and its construction has been planned around new building techniques developed to make the house more resistant to extreme weather.<br> <br> Bob tours the coastal town of Mt. Pleasant and meets the contractor, Kevin Kalman, and other I'On developers to discuss building strategies and techniques.<br> <br> Work has begun on the first floor deck, and Steve Barth from Willamette Industries is on-hand to explain the EZ Frame system being used. Additional information is available regarding the benefits of building with engineered wood.
  • Episode 2 - Working on the First Floor


    Carpenter Bob Ryley joins joins to continue work on the first floor. First, Bob looks at the tongue-and-groove decking system, before moving on to framing the first-floor walls.<br> <br> In downtown Charleston, Bob Vila visits the Clemson University high-wind test house, built to demonstrate the newest building techniques for hurricane resistance.<br> <br> Back on site, Bryan Readling (from the APA) discusses which techniques are being used in the Mount Pleasant project. Additional information is available regarding constructing and retrofitting homes to withstand hurricanes, installing structural adhesives, storm shutters, and tips for a better roof.
  • Episode 3 - Framing the Roof


    Bob walks the I'On neighborhood, which is built around myriad architectural styles and designs. He remarks on some of these variations, before returning to the project house site, where the roof framing is underway.<br> <br> Bryan Readling (from the APA) joins to review the products being used on the roof, including Peel & Seal tape, a joint sealer, and LP TechShield, a reflective sheathing product.<br> <br> Back on the ground, construction consultant Steve Easley demonstrates how to install Tyvek wrap around the house.
  • Episode 5 - Metal Roofing and Windows

  • Episode 6 - Installing Garage Doors and Skylight

  • Episode 7 - Installing a Stairway

  • Episode 8 - Front Porch and Bathroom

  • Episode 9 - Plaster and Trim Work

  • Episode 10 - Landscaping Begins

  • Episode 11 - Working on the Kitchen

  • Episode 12 - Completing the Living Room

  • Episode 13 - Final House Tour



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