Preparing the Turret Room for the Spa Tub

Project: Elmwood Neighborhood, Episode 13, Part 1

Bob continues to watch over the conversion of the attic into a workout area, complete with whirlpool tub. Workers from the Melrose Group explain to Bob the difficult process of renovating the turret space.

Bob takes a final tour of the finished projects throughout the Elmwood neighborhood. Then, back in the workout room, he takes a look at the finishing touches, including fiber-optic lights, sound system, and Gymsource fitness equipment.
Part 1: Preparing the Turret Room for the Spa Tub
The turret room has been reframed to hold the whirlpool tub. Also, fiberglass batting insulation by Owens Corning has been installed in the bays.

Carpenter Bob Ryley watches another carpenter create a fitted form to prepare the floor to receive the tub and plumbing. Some plywood filler is added to compensate for an uneven floor surface.
Part 2: Installing a Granite Tub Surround, In-Floor Heat, and Fiber-Optic Lighting
Part 3: A Retrospective of Restoration Projects in the Elmwood Neighborhood
Part 4: Tour of the Completed Workout Area
The theme of community building in the historic Elmwood neighborhood of Providence, RI, is the focus of this project. Rather than tackling one house, Bob Vila is helping 11 neighbors tackle smaller projects like porches, kitchens, bathrooms, and even a third-floor artist's studio.

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