Tour of the Buderus Boiler Factory

Project: Accessible Home, Episode 11, Part 2

Bob has a visit from Steve Offutt (from the national Energy Star program), who helps explain why efficiency should be the first concern for cost-conscious homeowners buying new appliances.

In the basement, there's a state-of-the-art, ultra-efficient Buderus boiler being installed. Plus, Bob travels all the way to Germany to tour the plant where the boilers are manufactured.
Part 1: Energy-Efficient Boiler Installed
Part 2: Tour of the Buderus Boiler Factory
Bob tours the Buderus factory in Wetzlar, Germany with Herr Schulte, vice president of research and development.
Part 3: Installation of the Buderus High Efficiency Boiler
This project follows an urban renewal story, involving grass-roots activism and affordable housing. Bob Vila reports on nine newly built three-bedroom homes, including one with accessibility for people with disabilities.

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