Building an Interior Soffit

Project: Craftsman Bungalow, Episode 4, Part 1

Carpenter Brian Comeaux custom-mills some interior trim details specified by the architect. Back on site, Bob and carpenter Cortney Lofton assemble the details to give the dining room a real 'craftsman' look. The original bathroom fixtures get re-porcelainized on-site, and framing continues on the back porch addition.
Part 1: Building an Interior Soffit
Bob confers with carpenter Cortney Lofton and cabinetmaker Brian Comeaux on the milling and construction of an interior soffit for the bungalow.
Part 2: Kitchen Cabinet Construction
Part 3: Restoring the Vintage Bathtub With Synthetic Porcelain
Part 4: Installing the Roof on the Back Porch
Bob Vila oversees the remodel of a Craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles, CA. It's a vintage kit house, purchased from a Sears & Roebuck catalog in 1923 and built in Hollywood. Working with contractors, Bob helps restore the home's thoughtful details while adding improvements fit for the owners' modern lifestyle.

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