Environmentally Friendly House

Project: Malibu Beach House, Episode 8, Part 2

Bob discusses the many cutting-edge, environmentally sound features of the Malibu project with an ecological consultant. Then, Bob visits "Home Improvement" star Tim Allen for a tongue-in-cheek tour of his very own home improvement project. Back on site the house is wired with a "smart house" all-systems monitoring network. And hot-mopped tar is used to waterproof the stairway planter.
Part 1: Environmentally Friendly House
Bob reviews the framing before heading inside to meet environmental specialist John Picard, who explains some of the features that make the Malibu beach house environmentally friendly.
Part 2: Bob Visits Tim Allen at Home
Part 3: Smart-House Wiring and Waterproofing the Stairway Planter
Bob Vila transforms a California beach house on stilts into an elegant Spanish-style villa, worthy of its glamorous location—Malibu. Projects include an elegant winding staircase, a state-of-the-art sprinkler system, environmentally friendly blown-in cellulose insulation, and seismic code compliance.

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