Exterior Tour and Plumbing

Project: Cabin in the Woods, Episode 6, Part 1

Construction continues on the cabin in the woods. Electrical and plumbing work has been approach simplistically and the materials creatively chosen. Also, Bob tours the mother of all cabins, Great Camp Sagamore.
Part 1: Exterior Tour and Plumbing
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley tour the exterior of the cabin, whose exposed wood surfaces will pose some problems for the builders. The plumber installs a drain line for the hot tub and explains his use of PVC piping.
Part 2: Tour of the Vanderbilts' Great Camp Sagamore
Part 3: Wiring the Cabin
Bob Vila explores the concept of sustainable design by putting resource management theories into practice for everyday living. Projects include a pre-cast foundation system, earth-friendly septic system, energy-efficient appliances, and more.

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