Installing the Outdoor Speakers

Project: Cabin in the Woods, Episode 8, Part 3

The weekend getaway cabin gets an earth-friendly, green kitchen, complete with energy-efficient appliances, recycling bins, a mulching pile, a worm bin, and innovative storage features. The patio and landscaping are underway; Bob explains the advantages of using recycled brick. Construction of the barbecue is also underway.
Part 1: Stone Patio, Landscaping, and Outdoor Lighting
Part 2: Decorating the Home
Part 3: Installing the Outdoor Speakers
Bob talks over the installation of the outdoor speakers with Daryl Foster. The Bose speakers in question are made specifically for outdoor use-- they can stand up to the elements and still sound good.
Bob Vila explores the concept of sustainable design by putting resource management theories into practice for everyday living. Projects include a pre-cast foundation system, earth-friendly septic system, energy-efficient appliances, and more.

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