Roof Framing and Constructing a Turret

Project: Victorian, Episode 3, Part 3

The crew on Martha's Vineyard begins to lay a cinder block foundation with a crawl space for storage, while Bob explains how to connect the old construction to the new. Plus, Bob travels to historic Cape May, NJ to tour Victorian homes in one of America's oldest beach resort towns. Back at the site, the carpenters start framing the new turret roof on the old cottage.
Part 1: Discussing the Concrete Block Foundation
Part 2: Tour of Cape May, NJ
Part 3: Roof Framing and Constructing a Turret
Bob confers with contractor Bob Ryley, who is beginning demolition work on the roof dormer in order to make way for the planned turret.
Bob Vila tackles a remodeling and construction project on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The expansion of the cabin transforms a tiny vacation home into a spacious family retreat with an authentic 'Vineyard Victorian' look.

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