Touring the Home Addition

Project: Victorian, Episode 13, Part 3

Bob takes a final tour of the completed, furnished house, from the original old cabin, with its new turret, to the new formal courtyard. A local interior designer uses Yankee ingenuity and second-hand furniture to pull together a comfortable, Victorian family retreat.
Part 1: Touring the Designed Interior
Part 2: Touring the Courtyard
Part 3: Touring the Home Addition
The designer shows Bob around the addition, pointing out certain highlights, such as the breezeway with exposed studs and the Victorian-influenced lighting design, as well as the creative and economical furnishing of the rooms.
Bob Vila tackles a remodeling and construction project on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The expansion of the cabin transforms a tiny vacation home into a spacious family retreat with an authentic 'Vineyard Victorian' look.

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