Pella Window Factory Tour

Project: Two-Family Greystone, Episode 4, Part 2

The crew installs a Parallam beam in the living room and iron beams in the back masonry wall. General contractor Ron Gan and architect Bill Bauhs talk budget and convince Bob to renovate the basement as well. So Bob makes a visit to the Pella Window factory in Pella, IA to see how the company reproduces the special circle-head window being used in the basement of the Wicker Park project house.
Part 1: Discussing the Basement Renovation
Part 2: Pella Window Factory Tour
Bob visits the Pella Window Factory in Pella, IO to see how they reproduce the special circle-head window in the basement to create a custom piece.
Part 3: Installing the Parallam Beam
Bob Vila tracks the progress of a two-family greystone in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood that is undergoing renovation. The project documents a low-budget upgrade of the building's two apartments and concludes with a decorator's tour showcasing the eye-catching results.

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