Shopping for Appliances

Project: Two-Family Greystone, Episode 9, Part 2

Bob discusses the budget and progress to date with general contractor Ron Gan and realtor Catherine Caravette. Then Bob compares kitchen appliances with Bruce Wolfson at the Merchandise Mart's Irv Wolfson Showroom. At the project house, tile setter Roger Knecht does a "mud job" on the bathroom floor before laying the tile pattern.
Part 1: Reviewing Progress
Part 2: Shopping for Appliances
Bob compares kitchen appliances at the Irv Wolfson Showroom, part of Chicago's Merchandise Mart.
Part 3: Tiling the Bathroom Floor
Bob Vila tracks the progress of a two-family greystone in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood that is undergoing renovation. The project documents a low-budget upgrade of the building's two apartments and concludes with a decorator's tour showcasing the eye-catching results.

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