Touring Chicago Architecture

Project: Chicago Coach House, Episode 1, Part 2

Bob and general contractor Ron Gan assess the next project: a deserted old coach house. They discover several clues as to how the renovation should be done, and Bob pokes around in the attic for treasures. Plus, architectural historian Susan Benjamin takes Bob on a tour of some of downtown Chicago's 19th-century landmark buildings.
Part 1: Tour of the Project House
Part 2: Touring Chicago Architecture
Bob joins architectural historian Susan Benjamin for a tour of Chicago's landmark buildings.
Part 3: Attic and Basement
A coach house in Chicago is reborn! This project includes gutting and rebuilding the interior structure, finishing the basement, and adding a roof dormer. Local artists even show Bob how to give the newly renovated home some panache with a creative, Chicago-style decorating approach and faux-finish painting techniques.

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