Removing the Roof

Project: Chicago Coach House, Episode 5, Part 1

The roofing crew strips several ancient layers of roofing. Bob explains how the new dormer will provide more living space, then visits the IKO roofing shingle plant in Wilmington, DE.
Part 1: Removing the Roof
The roofing crew strips several ancient layers of old roofing off the project house, leaving a section open for the installation of the new dormer.
Part 2: Tour of the IKO Roofing Shingle Plant
Part 3: Shed Roof Installation
A coach house in Chicago is reborn! This project includes gutting and rebuilding the interior structure, finishing the basement, and adding a roof dormer. Local artists even show Bob how to give the newly renovated home some panache with a creative, Chicago-style decorating approach and faux-finish painting techniques.

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