Planting Bulbs and Seeding the Lawn

Project: Victorian Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Episode 10, Part 2

The 100-year-old clapboard home is ready for painting. Ronald Boyajian of California Paints checks the moisture level in the wood with a two-pronged meter before selecting a linseed oil-based tinted primer and Velvet Flat acrylic latex paint. In the garden, landscape designer Ruth Foster shows Bob how to plant bulbs correctly and how to reseed compacted, damaged grass.
Part 1: Painting the Exterior
Part 2: Planting Bulbs and Seeding the Lawn
Bob meets with landscape designer Ruth Foster, who explains the correct method of planting bulbs. For turf, Foster suggests a relaxed approach, with perennial rye and fescue planted, mown high, and over-seeded, both in the fall and at the tail end of winter.
Part 3: Landscape Design on a Sloping Bank
Bob Vila undertakes the partial remodel of a historic Victorian home in Rowley, MA. The house is a classic New England gem with many partitioned rooms, plus the added appeal of a large yard with preserved wetlands beyond. From permits and approvals to the addition of a mudroom and deck, this project focuses on family space.

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