Artist Community in DUMBO

Project: Waterfront Warehouse Rehab, Episode 4, Part 2

Bob gives a demolition and reconstruction progress report for the work accomplished to date. Eight full dumpsters of debris have already been removed—a large amount for such a small building.

On the exterior, power washing is underway on the front façade, while Bob pays a visit to Jane Walentas, part of DUMBO's growing artist community.

Back on site, new six-by-six double-hung Pella windows are being installed on the fourth floor.
Part 1: Interior Layout and Exterior Brickwork
Part 2: Artist Community in DUMBO
Bob pays a visit to Jane Walentas, a member of the development team and part of a growing artists' community in DUMBO. Walentas is restoring an antique carousel back to its original splendor.
Part 3: Pella Window Installation
Bob Vila heads to the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY, for this project involving an abandoned warehouse built in the mid-19th century. Bob's adaptive reuse will yield three ultra-hip apartments with commercial space at street level. Project manager is Bob's oldest son, Chris Vila, who helps guide this complete rehabilitation of a beat-up building in the city that never sleeps.

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