A Special Housewarming Gift

Project: Habitat for Humanity, Episode 13, Part 4

It only took a dedicated team of volunteers five days to complete the house. First, Bob tours the exterior and debriefs with Jim Killoran and Jim Whiteside (from Habitat for Humanity) about the enormous undertaking now behind them. B. Smith joins to show Bob the finished decor. And, last, there is a special housewarming presentation to homeowner Michelle Hayes and her daughters-- a puppy!
Part 1: Blower Door Test
Part 2: Back Porch and Kitchen Tour
Part 3: Tour of the Finished Interior Decor with B. Smith
Part 4: A Special Housewarming Gift
A new puppy is presented as a special house warming gift to homeowner Michelle Hayes and her daughters.
Bob Vila introduces the latest in sustainable materials and efficient building techniques on a Habitat for Humanity build. This project documents a five-day process that transformed an empty lot into a snug, comfortable, and sustainable home in Yonkers, NY.

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