Tour of Historic Virginia Governor's Office

Project: Executive Mansion, Episode 13, Part 4

Bob takes a grand tour of the fully restored Executive Mansion in Richmond, VA. Starting with the exterior, Bob, the general contractor, the interior designer, and the first lady of Virginia all inspect the renovation. They tour the Governor's historic office, the grand ballroom and dining rooms, the finished kitchen, and the new living quarters.
Part 1: Tour of the Restored Exterior and Interior Decor
Part 2: Tour of the Restored Interior
Part 3: Tour of the Restored Living Quarters
Part 4: Tour of Historic Virginia Governor's Office
Bob tours the old governor's office in the Richmond, VA executive mansion, with James Gilmore, then governor of the state, pointing out notable antiques.
In Richmond, Virginia, the oldest continuously occupied governor's mansion in America is in need of serious repairs, and Bob Vila's team is there to help. Projects include the complete overhaul and modernization of the basement to include a state-of-the-art caterer's kitchen for official functions, all new mechanical systems, and updates for handicapped accessibility.

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