Progress Report on the Loft Common Areas

Project: Loft Conversion, Episode 4, Part 1

Bob gets a progress report on the common areas in the building from the developer, Neal Gold. In the project unit (on the sixth floor), Bob Ryley and the carpentry crew are building a specially designed platform that will dramatically raise the kitchen and bedroom areas above floor level. Also, local realtor Kim Zekis gives Bob a tour of her elegantly finished loft.
Part 1: Progress Report on the Loft Common Areas
Developer Neal Gold gives Bob a progress report on the work underway in the common areas of the building.
Part 2: Loft Living Discussed
Part 3: Fire Codes and Installing Fireproofing Material
Bob Vila highlights the world of stylish city living by chronicling the conversion of a loft apartment in Boston's Leather District. This unit is getting a top-of-the-line treatment: cutting edge design, custom-made furniture and casework, sleek modern fixtures, and up-to-date appliances.

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