Electrical Wiring in the Accessible Home

Project: Accessible Home, Episode 3, Part 3

Arnold (from Crosswinds Enterprises) and Bob demonstrate the easy installation of a special kind of weather- and fire-resistant cementicious siding. In the basement, plumber Gerry Folan and electrician Brad Owens are both busy at work.
Part 1: Cement Fiber Siding Installation
Part 2: Plumbing With PVC Piping
Part 3: Electrical Wiring in the Accessible Home
Bob joins a three-man team from Cliff Electric, the firm performing all the 'rough-in' wiring. The lead electrician, Bob Owens, demonstrates how to properly run NMB wire, strip the outer sheath, make the necessary connections, and strip wire insulation.
This project follows an urban renewal story, involving grass-roots activism and affordable housing. Bob Vila reports on nine newly built three-bedroom homes, including one with accessibility for people with disabilities.

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