Digging the Water Trench and Installing Insulation

Project: Accessible Home, Episode 4, Part 2

Bob helps Arnold (from Crosswinds Enterprises) build temporary safety stairs on the job site. At the same time, insulation work is underway.

Out in the street, trenches are being dug for new water service into each single-family unit, and the inspector is on-site to make sure the job is done right.

Also on-site is Thomas Menino, then Mayor of the City of Boston, who's helping to install the front door of the accessible home on Blue Hill Avenue.
Part 1: Building Temporary Stairs
Part 2: Digging the Water Trench and Installing Insulation
An excavation specialist, working under the oversight of a city inspector, digs the trench for new water service to the accessible home. Inside, contractors are at work installing six-inch fiberglass sidewall insulation, which they seal with a polyethylene moisture barrier.
Part 3: Neighborhood Redevelopment
This project follows an urban renewal story, involving grass-roots activism and affordable housing. Bob Vila reports on nine newly built three-bedroom homes, including one with accessibility for people with disabilities.

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