Building Interior Wall Partitions

Project: Master Bedroom, Episode 4, Part 3

From the vantage point of the new roof on the new addition, Bob observes the gutter installation and learns how to correctly apply asphalt roofing shingles around a skylight.
Part 1: Installing Rain Gutters
Part 2: Mounting a Skylight and Laying Asphalt Shingles
Part 3: Building Interior Wall Partitions
Bob and carpenter Bob Ryley demonstrate how to lay out and build interior partitions.
A master bedroom suite in a compact 1930s Colonial Revival home in suburban Newton, MA, gets a makeover. Bob Vila details the process of building the foundation, from forming and cement pouring to inspection and backfilling. Also, Bob sees how the interior baseboard molding and window trim is milled to match what exists in the rest of the home.

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