Precast Foundation System

Project: Cabin in the Woods, Episode 1, Part 1

Bob begins this project in a woodsy setting, and, alongside contractor Bob Ryley, discusses plans for the tiny, romantic weekend getaway cottage to be built on the site. The crew gets started right away with the new pre-cast foundation system from Superior Walls of America. The latest in streamlined septic system is installed the same day, and the crew gets started framing the first floor deck.
Part 1: Precast Foundation System
Bob discusses a new foundation system that doesn't require a concrete truck being on site. The base is leveled with crushed stone which serves as a subfooting. The steel-reinforced wall is then lifted into place.
Part 2: Installing the Precast Foundation
Part 3: Innovative Septic System Installation
Bob Vila explores the concept of sustainable design by putting resource management theories into practice for everyday living. Projects include a pre-cast foundation system, earth-friendly septic system, energy-efficient appliances, and more.

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