Touring the Designed Interior

Project: Victorian, Episode 13, Part 1

Bob takes a final tour of the completed, furnished house, from the original old cabin, with its new turret, to the new formal courtyard. A local interior designer uses Yankee ingenuity and second-hand furniture to pull together a comfortable, Victorian family retreat.
Part 1: Touring the Designed Interior
Bob tours the furnished, decorated Martha's Vineyard Victorian project house. The designer has sourced pieces from antique stores, salvage yards, secondhand stores, and even Bob's attic.
Part 2: Touring the Courtyard
Part 3: Touring the Home Addition
Bob Vila tackles a remodeling and construction project on the island of Martha's Vineyard. The expansion of the cabin transforms a tiny vacation home into a spacious family retreat with an authentic 'Vineyard Victorian' look.

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