Contractor's Tour of the Interior

Project: Split-Level Ranch, Episode 3, Part 2

Bob starts the framing for a new entryway and the plumbers gut the bathroom. Also, Bob and contractor Bob Ryley go on a contractor's tour of the project house to perform a general assessment.
Part 1: Framing the New Entryway
Part 2: Contractor's Tour of the Interior
Bob accompanies carpenter-contractor Bob Ryley on a "contractor's tour" of the home with the aim of assessing any needed modifications to the interior.
Part 3: Demolition of the Bathroom
Bob Vila is in Plymouth, MA, to oversee the remodel of a worn-out, 17-year-old raised ranch with problems familiar to many homeowners. The fa├žade is re-sided and repainted, windows are replaced, and a new entry is built. Inside, the new bath and kitchen, which are added, provide the project highlights.

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