Tiling the Swimming Pool

Project: Cracker Cottage, Episode 9, Part 1

Crewmen begin to tile the pool, decorating the walls and floor with different patterns. Next, plans for the gardening shed and carport are revealed. Inside, plaster contractors are cutting, attaching, and finishing a drywall ceiling. Last, Bob makes his second visit to the New York City sister project, where he gets an update on progress.
Part 1: Tiling the Swimming Pool
Bob discusses tile and its process of application with the foreman of the pool installation contracting crew.
Part 2: Hanging Ceiling Drywall
Part 3: Finishing the Drywall Ceiling
Bob Vila rejuvenates a modest but classic Florida house, focusing on light, ventilation, and outdoor living. Projects include opening walls, improving air conditioning and ventilation, blowing in some insulation, and putting in a new entry.

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