Reviewing an NYC Remodeling Project

Project: Cracker Cottage, Episode 10, Part 2

New cabinets, built in the workshop, are installed in the kitchen of the Naples, FL project site. Again, Bob heads to New York to visit the sister project, the renovation of a tenement building on the Lower East Side. Back at the Naples project site, the new porch is screened in, and Bob helps the electrician do the wiring for a ceiling fan.
Part 1: Installing Kitchen Cabinet Panels
Part 2: Reviewing an NYC Remodeling Project
Bob travels to the Lower East Side of Manhattan in order to visit the ongoing rehabilitation of a tenement building.
Part 3: Screen Porch and Ceiling Fan
Bob Vila rejuvenates a modest but classic Florida house, focusing on light, ventilation, and outdoor living. Projects include opening walls, improving air conditioning and ventilation, blowing in some insulation, and putting in a new entry.

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