Building the Deck Frame

Project: Victorian Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Episode 5, Part 2

Bob and Rick Kleiner (from Southern Forest Products Association) discuss the pressure-treated pine decking material. Contractor Tim Berky and his crew construct the supports and beams, then toe-nail the joists before setting the hangers. Inside, the homeowner and Trikeenan's Steve Powers show Bob the artisanal tiles selected for the new bathroom. Tile setter David Cloutman puts down the Sharkskin field tiles, accent tiles, and pencil tiles to achieve the homeowner's design.
Part 1: Deck Framing with Pressure-Treated Lumber
Part 2: Building the Deck Frame
General contractor Tim Berky and his crew remove existing cladding in order to fit the ledger board for the deck tight against the house, with an ice and water barrier to protect against water penetration.
Part 3: Installing Artisanal Tile
Bob Vila undertakes the partial remodel of a historic Victorian home in Rowley, MA. The house is a classic New England gem with many partitioned rooms, plus the added appeal of a large yard with preserved wetlands beyond. From permits and approvals to the addition of a mudroom and deck, this project focuses on family space.

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