White Oak Hardwood Flooring Installation

Project: Victorian Kitchen & Bath Remodel, Episode 4, Part 2

Bob reviews the Georiga-Pacific veneer board, designed to take a light plaster coat for a hard, elegant finish. Next, Bob observes the installation of WarmZone radiant floor panels under white oak from Bellawood. Outside, contractor Tim Berky digs four-foot holes to protect the footings and piers from frost and heaving, once the concrete is poured and set in the innovative PVC forms.
Part 1: Radiant Floor Heating System Installed
Part 2: White Oak Hardwood Flooring Installation
General contractor Tim Berky installs the white oak, tongue-and-groove floor. Since the flooring will be nailed over the hyrdronic heat system, it is critical to avoid puncturing any tubes. Berky installs the flooring perpendicular to the tubing, so he can always see the tubes and avoid nailing into them.
Part 3: Plans for the Multi-Level Backyard Deck
Bob Vila undertakes the partial remodel of a historic Victorian home in Rowley, MA. The house is a classic New England gem with many partitioned rooms, plus the added appeal of a large yard with preserved wetlands beyond. From permits and approvals to the addition of a mudroom and deck, this project focuses on family space.

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