Engineered Wood Exterior Trim and Porch Ceiling

Project: Habitat for Humanity, Episode 4, Part 1

Bob takes a closer look at the soffit and trim materials, and Lise LaFrance (from the Engineered Wood Association) joins to talk about the medium density overlay plywood being used for the porch ceiling. Offsite, Bob tours the Simpson overlaid plywood mill in Shelton, WA. And finally, carpenter Bob Ryley installs an energy-efficient window out front.
Part 1: Engineered Wood Exterior Trim and Porch Ceiling
Bob meets with Dave Probst (from Louisiana Pacific) to learn about LP's Smart System Products being used as exterior trim. Bob also meets Lisa Francis (from the Engineered Wood Association) on the front porch of the Habitat for Humanity house to watch the installation of the MDO being used for the outdoor space's ceiling.
Part 2: Manufacturing MDO Plywood
Bob Vila introduces the latest in sustainable materials and efficient building techniques on a Habitat for Humanity build. This project documents a five-day process that transformed an empty lot into a snug, comfortable, and sustainable home in Yonkers, NY.

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