Swimming Pool Construction

Project: Craftsman Bungalow, Episode 6, Part 1

The pool crew is on-site to finish up the rebar and to begin spraying on the gunnite. Bob talks about the budget with homeowner Gavin, and takes a look at how the porch is taking shape. Also, a new, unique set of French doors is installed in the master bedroom.
Part 1: Swimming Pool Construction
Larry Long (from Anthony & Sylvan Pools) explains the excavation and preliminary work of building a new pool. Reinforcing rods are used to help the concrete hold its shape, and to form the outer steps. And Larry shows off the filtering system.
Part 2: Sheathing the Back Porch Roof
Part 3: Custom Door Installation
Bob Vila oversees the remodel of a Craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles, CA. It's a vintage kit house, purchased from a Sears & Roebuck catalog in 1923 and built in Hollywood. Working with contractors, Bob helps restore the home's thoughtful details while adding improvements fit for the owners' modern lifestyle.

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