Wood Floor Repair

Project: Craftsman Bungalow, Episode 12, Part 1

The homeowner and architect, Gavin, and the contractor, Cortney, share a few tips for the DIYer repairing hardwood floors and sanding them for refinishing. Bob takes a tour of the Japanese Garden at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens to get some ideas for the Zen garden the homeowners will be installing. And back on site, Cortney is installing a new alderwood kitchen countertop.
Part 1: Wood Floor Repair
Bob and homeowner Gavin repair and refinish a 75-year-old oak floor. Because the new patch floor panels have a different thickness from the original, a belt sander will be used to level them down so they match.
Part 2: Touring a Japanese Garden
Part 3: Installing a Wood Kitchen Countertop
Bob Vila oversees the remodel of a Craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles, CA. It's a vintage kit house, purchased from a Sears & Roebuck catalog in 1923 and built in Hollywood. Working with contractors, Bob helps restore the home's thoughtful details while adding improvements fit for the owners' modern lifestyle.

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