Greenhouse Glass Installation

Project: Greenhouse, Episode 6, Part 1

The green house and the entry pavilion structures receive their specially insulated windows and glass walls. Each will be sealed with two techniques: slope glazing and butt glazing. Also, Bob looks at the homeowner's new potting benches, which were specially designed for the space by the architect and made to order in the wood shop.
Part 1: Greenhouse Glass Installation
Bob and contractor Bob Ryley install sloped glazing on a solar greenhouse with the help of Mark Santos. They use a commercially available mounting system to attach the glazing, which consists of an extruded aluminum railing with a neoprene gasket. The gasket forms a weathertight seal. The railing also has a small trough to catch condensation. The glazing itself is a one-inch sealed glazing unit. The outer sheet is tempered glass, but the inner sheet is laminated glass.
Part 2: Bench Construction
Part 3: Installing the Greenhouse Windows
Bob Vila heads to Cape Cod in the dead of winter to watch over the construction of a custom, high-tech greenhouse. The design and construction of a new addition to the front of an existing house afforded the creation of this conservatory and of a new front entry pavilion that features a mahogany pergola supported by limestone columns.

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