The Home's Exposed Framing System

Project: Cabin in the Woods, Episode 2, Part 1

Framing is well underway at the little cabin, starting on the first floor with the kitchen. Also, the second floor deck is beginning to come together. In between, Bob visits Walden Pond to see a recreation of one of American literature's most famous "cabins in the woods".
Part 1: The Home's Exposed Framing System
Bob discusses the home's framing with contractor Bob Ryley. Since much of the framing will be exposed, special care is taken with the construction. Ryley demonstrates a few of the techniques while raising a large section of the cabin.
Part 2: Henry David Thoreau Tour
Part 3: Installing the Decking and Joists
Bob Vila explores the concept of sustainable design by putting resource management theories into practice for everyday living. Projects include a pre-cast foundation system, earth-friendly septic system, energy-efficient appliances, and more.

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